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Finally done moving.

Home sweet home.

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stuck over night due to Lufthansa (and partners) messing it up, twice
Vicky at Brostugan
I'm stunned.

For the second time this trip I've not managed to board the plane I was supposed to be on. First on my way to Poland the aircraft we were supposed to fly with had to be replaced (no explanation) and as someone had managed to 'close the flight' from check-in the staff at SFO refused or were unable to accept luggage from passengers and print their boarding passes. When this mess was finally resolved, the flight was so delayed we could not make our connection in Frankfurt and had to stay in a hotel over night. Not impressed.

On my way out from Poland after spending a work week there with Wikia, getting to the very tiny airport in Poznan an hour before scheduled departure I'm told the flight is full and I'm not allowed on. I'm not too late at the check-in counter, it's nothing wrong with my ticket - they just over-sold the flight and I'm picked out as one out of 5 'un-lucky' passengers as nobody had volunteered to change their ticket for a later flight.

As it turns out the later flight is also over-sold and we can't get out of Poznan until 24h later. Unbelievable. Can't believe I gave these people money.

By law they're required to give us hotel rooms and food for this type of event, and we get a taxi voucher with the address of the hotel that we'll be taken to for our un-wished for extra night's stay. "Som grädden på moset" as we say in Sweden - our troubles aren't over yet.

Handing the voucher to the taxi driver, you can't imagine my surprise when he stops in the middle of nowhere between the airport and the city, and tells us we have arrived. At a completely different hotel. I tell the driver this is not the hotel we were expected at, but he insists it's the one.

After about 20 minutes of arguing with this taxi driver who thought we should just get a room at the hotel he took us to; after having the hotel confirm they indeed DO NOT have a room for us, the hotel lady being friendly enough to call to the other hotel and confirm they DO have a room waiting and finally telling the driver we'll pay him to take us to the correct address he gives in. Not without a lot of cursing in Polish (I do know that part), muttering and thinking we're idiots.

The following day our flight out of Poznan is delayed, so much that we're for the third time about to miss our connection. This time due to a thunderstorm in Munich. After I already long gave up on getting anywhere without an extra over-night, they finally decided to do the right thing and send us an escort that drives us directly to the correct gate, through a mini-passport control and skipping the security check line. We're on our way again.

Writing this I know we have another hop to get home. I'm not confident we can make it in 'only one day' of traveling.

I don't feel there's a lot of options out there, but I will do my best to avoid any Star Alliance flights in the future; I say "No thanks" to Lufthansa, United and all their partners. If you feel your time is valuable to you, I suggest you do the same.


Thank you Sean for helping me deal with this mess, I'm not sure what I would have done without you (but I have a feeling it would not have been so nice for the airline staff involved ;)).