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Finally done moving.

Home sweet home.

Full moon nights and weird dreams
Vicky at Brostugan
Last night we had a full moon over San Francisco and I was having the weirdest of dreams, well more nightmares really, which is unfortunately not entirely unusual on full moon nights.

One of the dreams that I had was, not surprisingly, about how zombies were entering the house were I was spending a night in hiding with a group of people. Clearly during the zombie apocalypse and clearly with just a random group of people I had run into for what ever reasons.
By the time it apparently got too much for me, so I woke up from the dream, a few zombies were climbing in through a window and another had made it's way to the fridge and was munching on something in there. It was so weird, normal houses won't have anything in the fridge a zombie would be interested in, right?

Anyway, so the night continued and needless to say I finally woke up by the alarm this morning feeling rather exhausted. Funny how that goes.

Un-Birthday celebrations!
Vicky at Brostugan
Today was my un-birthday. Sean had a friend in town, Steve, earlier during the week when I was turning, ehum older, so I went out for dinner twice this week! We agreed to celebrate on Friday instead of a Tuesday, it's so much better on Friday's anyway and I so I got to have my very own and first un-birthday. I had forgotten about this concept, apparently it's an Alice in Wonderland thing but I must have been 5 or something when I had it read to me and that was the Swedish translation so I didn't really know about the whole thing until this week.

Anyway, we had this lovely dinner at B-star, green tea salad, samosas and chicken curry, yummy! It was a perfect celebration of my un-birthday.

After dinner we drove home and I was totally not expecting the surprise I got, this huuuge strawberry cake with a candle and a pile of gifts! I felt like I was 8 again, so spoiled! I loved it.

Note from 2 weeks after the fact: Still makes me smile when I think about it. Yay!

3 months training has come to and end, ran half a marathon
Vicky at Brostugan
Today ran half a marathon, that's 21 kilometers or 13.1 miles, in Akron, OH. http://www.akronmarathon.org/

The race gong went off at 7am Eastern time, which made it 4am my time. The morning was crispy cool, dry and very dark and made for a perfect start of the race. The pacer I tried to tag along with went from around 9 minutes per mile to closer to an 8 minute mile after the first few, that's when I gave up and ran on my own. It's a hilly course and I didn't want to burn myself out early.

In the end, mile twelve turned out to be pretty much completely up hill, it felt like it was never ending, and I was glad I had saved some energy to not find myself one of the people walking up. The thought crossed my mind several times but I didn't want to give up running and I managed to finally reach the part where it was flattening out again.

I must have not have been paying a lot of attention, before I knew it I was at the stadium and only just realizing I was so close to the finish line I sped up as much as I could and sprinted to cross it. A little disappointed I didn't have a chance to increase speed earlier, I had a lot more energy left at the end as it turned out, I still managed to hit my "less than 2h goal" and my time ended up 1h 58 minutes.

Not bad for a first timer I'd say, and at a race that comes with the warning "not a course where you will set a personal record" due to the many hills.

Lots of running these days
Vicky at Brostugan
Been running a lot these days, trying to get into decent running shape for half a marathon in September.
Funny thing is with this training schedule that I'll be running both half a marathon and a mile longer than half a marathon in order to train for running - yup, you've got it - half a marathon. ;-)

When I signed up I had to enter a time I thought I'd finish by, and I picked 2h and 15 min if I remember correctly.
Figured that would be safe so I wouldn't end up disappointing myself. It would be nicer if I could finish in 2h but since it's my first I don't want to have too high hopes of doing that, who knows what could go wrong.

I've also managed to figure out that if I run slowly my knees hurt, and if I go faster they don't so that's definitely an incentive for running faster. 8 minutes per mile is great for avoiding pain, especially if I have run on asphalt or concrete, like when along the Embarcadero here in San Francisco.

Today's my sisters birthday btw, it just passed midnight here so it's official.
Grattis på födelsedagen liten syster! :)

Today I ran like Jane..
Vicky at Brostugan
This morning at 7am I met up with Sarah M. from work, and two of her friends to run like Jane, by girls for girls and for a good cause. (Or women, ladies, females, what ever you prefer to call us. :))

http://www.seejanerun.com/blog/?p=1025 (For everyone that runs faster than "Jane" she donates one dollar, for those who run slower, they donate one dollar. This year the money goes to Girls Inc of the Island City and Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.)

Sarah and I went for the 5k version and Catherine and Michelle for the half marathon version.

We were totally lucky with the weather in Alameda. Earlier in the week the forecast said rain with thunderstorms but we only had some clouds. The 5k run was mostly along the water, with a beautiful view of San Francisco in the horizon the last kilometer or so.

Many of the runners finished strong, full speed across the finish line! People were cheering and glowing, such a great atmosphere. Sarah and I managed to congratulate and high five the half marathon winner, she did it in less than 1.5h and didn't look even remotely exhausted when she came in running in full speed with her arms up in the air. So cool.

In retrospect I think I might have wanted to try for the half marathon, so if I have a little more time to prepare I'll sign up for that next time around. The 5k felt like it was over before it started and I had so much fun I didn't want it to end!

Thanks Sarah for the invite, I had a blast! :)

Lino getting baptized
Vicky at Brostugan
This was a very special day for Lino, he was getting baptized in Dalby Church in Sysslebäck.

It has been the most fantastic and sunny day, and the small group of family and a few close friends to my sister and her husband gathered for the ceremony at 2pm.

I was filming the whole thing, so I'm curious to find out if it turned out well and can be cut into something sensible to share.

After the ceremony we went back to Strandås Gästgiveri, where we were spending the weekend, to have coffee and cake and let Lino open up his gifts (with some help from Mom and Dad of course).

I can only say I'm so very happy and thankful to have had a chance to be a part of this day.

it's been one of those weeks
Vicky at Brostugan
Been feeling under the weather all week, finally weekend and time to rest and get rid of this nasty cold. It's very frustrating to feel just healthy enough to want to do fun things and just sick enough to get tired from thinking of it. And I could really use some fun right about now.

On a more positive note, my grandmother turned 80 this week, my mom's husband celebrates his birthday today (Grattis Stefan! :)) and several friends are also turning a year older this week. I'm wondering, if you're born this time of year what are you then - a vacation child? :)

Trying to look at life from the bright side. Plan B if I can't go to the gym tomorrow - spring shopping! It'll be sunny and nice, a perfect day to be out and about.

Vicky at Brostugan
Just had one of those moments.
I was sitting in the back of a dark car (happened to be a rather old volvo by the way) getting a ride home by this nice couple I met at a house warming party in Palo Alto.
Looking out the window, at the black contours of the rolling hills against the dark blue skye. Every here and there a star sparkling, and a moment later an airplane in the far distance.
Listening to some really old blues blasting out through the car's somewhat crackly speakers.
Suddenly I felt so lucky and fortunate to have had a chance to experience all these things in life. All the places I've had a chance to visit, so far away from where I started. All the people I've met, the stories I've heard and those I've been part of.

Rickard, RIP
Vicky at Brostugan
Vällingby, fredagen den 4e mars 2011.
Familj, och ett stort antal vänner och bekanta fanns på plats i St. Thomas kyrka idag där vi samlades för att minnas de stunder vi delat och tiden vi fått tillsammans, och för att ta farväl av Rickard.
Det är med ett mycket tungt hjärta jag tänker på de 21 år som han fick vara med oss, alldeles för tidigt blev han bortryckt ur allas våra liv.

Jag minns med sorgblandad glädje de stunder jag fick tillsammans med Rickard. Jag var själv inte mycket mer än ett barn när vi först sågs, Rickard var 2,5 år och jag själv skulle fylla 17 senare det året. Vi lekte med bilar i sandlådan på gården i Haninge, ritade krumelurer med kritor på vita A4-papper och tittade på tecknade filmer tidigt på helgmorgnarna när ingen annan var vaken. Efter den våren fick vi många fina år ihop, vi växte upp tillsammans på våra egna sätt med alla svårigheter och glädjeämnen det innebar.

Rickard, jag är glad över den tid vi delade våra liv, glad att jag fick en chans att vara med även om åren inte blev så många som vi kanske båda hade hoppats de där sorglösa dagarna först vi möttes. Jag är glad att du gav mig chansen att vara din mamma när du förlorade din. Jag minns som om det var igår, hur du höll min hand och frågade ifall jag ville vara din mamma nu när du inte hade någon längre. Du var 5 år gammal, jag var 19, och efter den dagen var våra liv aldrig mer desamma.

Jag hade alltid hoppats att vi skulle en dag kunna sitta ner tillsammans och tänka tillbaka på vårt gemensamma förflutna från ett vuxet perspektiv, prata om de fina stunderna och även det vi kunde gjort och sagt bättre. Vi fick aldrig den chansen och det är jag otroligt ledsen över. Jag önskar att du har kommit till en bättre plats där du får vila i frid.

Du är för evigt saknad, mer än ord kan beskriva.

Rockstar Project Management, it's all in the tools you use..
Vicky at Brostugan

Need I say more?