Finally done moving.

Home sweet home.

Vicky Carlsson
27 September
I may appear to be the typical meatball and pancake loving Swedish woman at first but naturally there's plenty more to it. Some years ago I traded Stockholm for Amsterdam, then Amsterdam for Poznan, then almost thought I'd stay in San Francisco but ended up moving to Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. The hardest part has been and still is to be away from so many friends and loved ones.

When I started this journal it was to enable my family and friends in Sweden to follow my steps and see a little more of what I was up to - if and when they were interested. As for so many others who move away from their home country it's hard to communicate all the little things that are going on in ones life to those you leave behind (or that moved away to other locations). This is a way for me to make available those every day thoughts and events that are not big enough to pick up the phone over but still will make you feel closer to one another.

As I've been moving around it's become more and more natural to post in English, although there's still a Swedish post sneaking itself in there every now and then.